Portaventura Train Station To Barcelona Buy Tickets On The Day?

The average ticket from Port Aventura to Barcelona will cost around € 9 if you buy it on the day, but the cheapest tickets can be found for only € 9.

How much is the train from Barcelona to Port Aventura?

Train ticket prices from Barcelona to Port Aventura can start from as little as €7.70 when you book in advance. The cost of tickets can vary depending on the time of day, route and class you book and are usually more expensive if you book on the day. Is there a direct train from Barcelona to Port Aventura?

How to get to PortAventura World from Barcelona or Tarragona?

Once you arrived in Barcelona or Tarragona with our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, you have 3 ways to get to the park: PortAventura World is connected to Barcelona Sants and Tarragona main station ​by the regional trains of Renfe. For more information go to www.renfe.com.

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What is included in the promotion for PortAventura?

Promotion for tickets + hotel + long-distance train. The price includes entry to PortAventura Park, one day in Ferrari Land, and return transport to and from any station on the AVE high-speed and long-distance train line.

Why visit PortAventura World?

Visit PortAventura World and feel the adrenaline rush as you travel at breakneck speed on the rides and discover the amazing shows in PortAventura Park. Don’t miss the chance to discover a theme park that is unique in Europe and where you can experience thrills inspired by the legendary Italian motor racing team: Ferrari Land.

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets the day before travel?

Is an Advance On The Day ticket cheapest on the day? An Advance On The Day ticket (when available) is cheaper than both the Off-Peak and Anytime tickets brought on the same day.

Can you get a train before the time on the ticket?

You can only take the train that you have reserved i.e. the one which you have been issued a ticket for. If you wish to depart earlier or later, you can exchange your ticket or cancel it and re-book it, depending on the fare conditions. Once you have done this, you can then choose a new departure time for your ticket.

Do I have to buy a train ticket before I travel?

When Can I Buy Tickets? You should always make sure that you hold a valid ticket before you board the train. Anytime and Off-Peak can be bought up to 12 months* in advance or on the day of travel.

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How do you get from Ferrari land to Barcelona?

The quickest way to get from Barcelona to Ferrari Land Gallery is to drive which costs €12 – €18 and takes 1h 14m. Is there a direct bus between Barcelona and Ferrari Land Gallery? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Barcelona and arriving at Port Aventura World. Services depart once daily, and operate every day.

How far in advance do you need to buy advance train tickets?

Typically, train companies release their Advance tickets 12 weeks before the departure date, although some go on sale as far as 24 weeks in advance! Only a limited number of tickets will be available, so be quick to secure yours as the fare can rise as the date of travel gets nearer.

Do train tickets go up on the day?

Generally, train fares go up in price, right up until the day you travel. So, the secret to finding cheap train tickets is booking Advance tickets. Our Journey Planner tells you live train times, ticket costs and route stops.

What does advance ticket mean?

Advance tickets, otherwise known as advance fares, are single one-way train tickets that offer excellent value for money but must be booked in advance. Advance tickets usually go on sale up to 12 weeks ahead of travel, but they are also sold in limited numbers.

Can you get on a train at a later station UK?

Short answer: no. A break of journey, stopping short, or starting late are not allowed on Advance tickets.

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What is an anytime day return?

Anytime tickets give you the freedom to travel whenever you want. You can buy a Single, Day Return, or Open Return ticket for train journeys on any day, and at any time. The flexibility of Anytime tickets means you don’t have to book them in advance.

What do you do if you don’t have a ticket at the station?

If there isn’t a ticket machine or office or – more likely – the ticket machine is broken, then you can get on without a ticket. In all these circumstances you’re only supposed to pay the fare you would have paid if you’d bought the ticket just before getting on the train.

Can you use contactless at Egham station?

Conversation. hi there, unfortunately you will not be able to use contactless cards at Egham station due to it being out side of the Oyster Zone.

Can I postpone my train ticket?

To reschedule the journey, the passenger needs to submit his ticket to the reservation office at least 48 hours before the train leaves. The change in date of travel on the tickets can be done by paying the prescribed fees. Tickets can be preponed or postponed in the higher or same category for the same destination.

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