L Ou Com Balla Barcelona 2021?

L’ou com balla es podrà veure en 16 espais de Barcelona pel Corpus Christi 2021. Es tracta d’una xifra similar a la de patis i claustres que van acollir aquesta tradició el 2019.

What is the ou com balla in Barcelona?

This phenomenon, around the Feast of Corpus Christi in Barcelona, has, through time, become a symbol identified with the festival in the city. The ou com balla includes an egg, water and an abundance of flowers, all three of which are symbols of fertility and regeneration, part of the vitality of the spring season.

When is L’ou com balla in Corpus Christi?

This year, Corpus Christi falls on Thursday 16th June, and in most case you will be able to see l’Ou com Balla in the spaces listed above between the 16th june itself and Sunday 19th June (Note that in some places the tradition can only be seen on 6th June itself).

What is the origin of the ‘ ou com balla’ tradition?

Very little is known about the origin of the ‘ Ou com Balla ’ tradition. The first theory is that the egg represents the Eucharist during the holy day of Corpus Christi, whilst another idea is that it represents fertility and the rebirth of new life.

What is the timetable to see L’ou com balla?

The timetable to see l’Ou com Balla will vary according to the place you’re visiting, since it will fall within the opening hours of the church or place in which it takes place.

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